- Jun 6, 2012
Get some summertime inspiration from these exquisite examples of floppy hat photoshoots. The wide-brimmed accessory is the ideal way to shield your delicate skin, while staying haute in the sun.

The floppy hat has graced the heads of starlets, street style girls and beach babes alike. It has also been popularized by the attendants of the annual Kentucky Derby race, where the biggest and wildest hats are worn. Some come crowned in bouquets of flowers, while others are simple and unadorned. They provide protection from harmful UV rays and leering paparazzi -- or that ex-best friend you'd rather not see. This bold statement accessory can be paired with anything from simple maxi dresses to cowgirl denim shorts.

These floppy hat photoshoots will entice you to don your biggest brims and strut down the breezy boardwalks.

From Southern French Frocks to Bonnet-Bearing Blondes: