- Jun 29, 2015
These female-focused video games range from socialite-founded platforms to fitness gaming apps that encourage a healthy dose of physical activity. In addition to celeb-endorsed games -- like Katy Perry's mobile project and Kim Kardashian's best-selling 'Hollywood' platform -- other favorites include branded beauty apps that give users access to virtual makeup applications and simulated haircuts.

While branded and celeb-endorsed video games target media fans with a love of celebrity culture, nostalgic apps appeal to niche demographics like those who grew up in the 90s. While the Powerpuff Girls video game is a blast from the past that references one's childhood, the recent release of a Mean Girls mobile game lets users re-live the film's famous quotes and memorable scenes on their smartphone.

Overall, these female-focused video games appeal to those with an appreciation for beauty, fitness and celebrity culture.

From Yoga Pose Platforms to Socialite Video Game Apps: