The NoGo App Retrains Your Brain to Make Better Food & Lifestyle Choices

 - May 20, 2015
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Making a big change in a diet or lifestyle is a huge test of self-control, but NoGo is an app that's designed to make the transition to healthier eating and living a little easier.

Rather than taking the route of tracking the food items that you should be cutting down on or restricting altogether, NoGo has users go through a series of activities that will help to retrain their attitude. NoGo strengeths mental control by showing pictures of something unhealthy beside something healthy, such as a cigarette beside a bunch of cherries. Users are challenged to tap on the health images as quickly as possible, so that they will become more likely to make healthier choices in real life too.

With time, the app is designed to curb intense cravings for smoking, alcohol, junk food and caffeine.