- Feb 16, 2019
These February 2019 gadget trends range from modernized gramophone speakers to 4K-ready storage cards. When it comes to mobile innovations, the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 detachable tablet hub and the Xiaomi Giiker Smart Cube i3S stand out. While the Lenovo tablet hub boasts a multifunctional design that transitions from tablet stand to a speaker or home assistant station, Xiaomi's Giiker Smart Cube is a remixed Rubiks cube toy that is app connected for more challenging and interactive puzzle solving activities.

Other notable February 2019 gadget trends include connected beauty examples like Albéa's makeup compact that is NFC-enabled. Exploring what the brand refers to as the "Internet of Beauty," the compact's packaging is scanned to reveal ingredient details, the brand's innovation process and its various shade options. In addition to unlocking information about products, those scanning Albéa's packaging can also access videos, makeup tutorials and more.

From Modernized Gramophone Speakers to 4K-Ready Storage Cards: