- Feb 21, 2015
These February 2015 media trends range from free internet radio services to sensual cover shoots that feature some of pop culture's most recognized faces. As seasoned and rising stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner replace models on fashion magazine covers, editorials get an understated makeover with the help of candid photographs that replace overly edited and staged images.

As realism becomes a focus for photographers, fashion publications are adopting a more natural and raw aesthetic rather than one that focuses on unattainable beauty. In addition to fashion-themed patterns, these February 2015 media trends also include tech innovations like video subscription services and cartoon character apps that enhance customer convenience.

In addition, kid-focused media publications and apps illustrate the importance of the Gen Z market and its growing influence on retail and business.

From Free Internet Radio Services to Sensual Superstar Photoshoots: