This TV Marketing Stunt for 'Stalker' Scoped Out Profiles on LinkedIn

In order to give people a taste of the kind of creepiness that they can expect from tuning into Stalker, a new TV show on Vier, this unsettling TV marketing stunt was set up on LinkedIn. Playing off of the inherently "voyeuristic side" of the social network, this campaign involved creating a fake profile for a Stalker and having him view over 2,000 profiles. In return, these users would get a notification that "Stalker" had viewed their profiles. 63% of people were curious enough to view Stalker’s profile in return, where they would find creepy quotes like "I know where you live. I know where you work."

As it turns out, LinkedIn shut down a couple of the fake Stalker profiles, but it was still an effective an chilling way to promote the launch of the TV series.