From Hairless Cat Couture to Feline Fedoras

 - Aug 21, 2012
These fashionable felines are definitely the cat’s meow. More than just pet costumes, these cats have impeccable style, from kitty couture books to fashionable feline blogs. These humanized kittens are making a name from themselves as they stylishly strut down the latest kitty catwalks. Though they are adorable in appearance, these fashionable fierce felines are just as chic as their human owners. One legendary cat is Karl Lagerfeld’s feline Choupette, who recently starred in Harper's Bazaar’s fashion icon feline spread.

Learn some of the types of the trade to making your kitten the most fashionable in the litter. The most important piece of advice is to dress a cat according to its breed. For example, a Chartreux would look stunning in French feline attire; the fashion solution you are looking for if seeking hairless cat couture would be letting your kitten rock a feline fedora. An owner could also take a more dramatic route for a hairless kitty by buying a collection of hairpieces for cats.

So, jump on the Internet phenomena and turn your cat into a fashionable feline.