The Heather Matton ‘Cats in Clothes’ Collection is Qui

The Heather Matton Cats in Clothes Series is purr-fect. Created by California-based artist Heather Matton, the project was born when Matton was inspired by her own cheeky cat Megan; the first Cat in Clothes was born with Megan rocking a trench coat.

Each fashionable feline is given a name and a thorough identity. For example, the sassy Savannah "is a city girl, feminine and fierce! She takes kick-boxing classes and works as a wine buying consultant."

These precious portraits are available in print or greeting card form. Although, for $500 US, any cat lover can have Matton customize a painting or print for their beloved kitty. Dog lovers don’t fret, Matton is now featuring Dogs in Clothes.