From Cougar Barbie to Overweight Barbie

 - Oct 19, 2009   Updated: Jun 13 2011
The iconic blonde-haired, long-limbed doll named Barbie has been around for decades and the idol of little girls all over the globe, however, this cluster represents eccentric Barbie doll designs -- the ones that aren't so mainstream.

With dolls modeled after cougars, zombies, superheros and strange animal hybrids, it is no wonder that some of these Barbie variations are not sold at Toys R Us.

Implications - While some consumers may outgrow a particular product at a certain point in their lives, companies should not deem this group of individuals as unmarketable. Many products that were once favored by a group of people can experience a revival or resurgence if marketed appropriately. Companies and businesses will benefit by presenting iconic products in alternative and unconventional ways because it can draw interest from former consumers.