Eggcellent Innovations

 - Mar 21, 2008
Like just about every holiday, Easter has become highly commercialized. It marks the dawn of the spring season and is marked by images like tulips, baby chicks, bunnies, and everything pastel.

For a range of industries, from designers to marketers, it's an excellent opportunity to flex creative skills to produce new products and services just for the occasion. Even companies like Telus use the occasion to market their cell phone plans, just look at the video above!

Easter is only one weekend of the year, but billions of dollars are spent on cards, flowers and food like duck. We mustn't forget Easter candies too, for those obligatory egg hunts! That's what I'm most eggcited about ;)

Check out this list of some of the top innovations to celebrate the Easter season, starting with a cluster of 15 egg-shaped things.