- Apr 16, 2013
Earth Day is the national day for spreading environmental awareness in efforts to improve the state of our planet, and these Earth Day products are great examples of how you can reuse or recycle things that would otherwise be discarded. There are many things you can consciously do to try and reverse the damaged state of Mother Earth, or at least try to avoid making it worse. As humans on this planet we should all be mindful of driving less, eating locally and meticulously recycling to try and reduce waste.

These upcycled products are a creative way to waste less, so instead of adding more junk to a landfill try turning it into one of these creative products. From upcycled keychain accessories to upcycled canister time tellers, the next time you're thinking of tossing something in the trash consider making something entirely new out of it.

From Upcycled Motorcycle Lamps to DIY Upcycled Picture Frame Decor: