- May 18, 2012
It was a sad day for anyone who liked to be-bop until they dropped when they heard of the death of Disco Queen Donna Summer.

With hits like 'Love to Love You Baby' and 'Hot Stuff,' the artist quickly became a household name when it came to feel-good music, and she undeniably made a lasting imprint on the pop-culture world.

The bright, glistening style and dance party music of the era was seen as a rebellion against the rock-and-roll fad that was taking off at the same time. Glitterati and kaleidoscopic, swirling disco-balls were all the rage back in the singer's heyday.

Recently there has been a revival of the carefree, party lifestyle of the 1970s and all of the things that characterized the scene have started to see some massive traction in everything from apparel to full-out discotheques.

In Honor of the Passing of Disco Queen Donna Summer: