Nicofarre Revives an Old Japanese Club and Integrates Social Media

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: kotaku
With a holding capacity of 1,500, Velfarre hosted the coolest of the cool and remained the social epicenter of East Asia for a decade until its doors were closed in 2006. Boasting an assortment of mysterious drinks and an impressive DJ line-up, Velfarre managed to keep entrance queues long and steady for years; unfortunately, when the bills weren't paid, the owners announced the last call.

Until now! Strangely enough, the iconic Japanese club wasn't revived by a characteristic entertainment mogul, but by 'Nico Nico Douga,' Japan's version of YouTube. Nico's video service, however, stands out from its American counterpart through the implementation of comments, which flood the screen as videos are played. The idea is to flirt with the line-dividing content-creator and content-consumer, and the idea is being used to revitalize Velfarre.

The new club, Nicofarre, maintains the same location in Tokyo's Roppongi district, but includes five LED wallscreens that project the comments of audience members. So, if a particular band sounds terrible, you can let them know.

Despite a few episodes of trolls exploiting the system, the wallscreens have been received incredibly well and there are hopes to extend the scheme to other clubs.