From Bite-Sized Pasta Pastries to Fruit-Infused Pasta Recipes

 - Jun 1, 2013
Food enthusiasts looking to get a little adventurous with their classic recipes are in luck, because these creative pasta dishes are turning this otherwise ordinary cuisine into meals that you wouldn't normally associate with pasta.

While spagetti and lasagne are just two of the types of dishes often associated with pasta recipes, these creative dishes have revamped this traditional cuisine and combined it with other types of dishes to create a masterpiece of fusion delight. From pasta dishes made into bite-sized pastries to footlong sandwiches filled with lasagne, these creative pasta dishes are being revamped in such a way to attract a whole new generation of foodies.

If you're not afraid to indulge in some deliciously over-the-top carb-filled recipes, then these creative pasta dishes will certainly have you stuffed and satisfied.