The Gourmet Pasta Setaro Spaghetti Limone Explodes with Flavor

 - May 12, 2010
References: buonitalia & coolhunting
The Pasta Setaro spaghetti limone is a pasta made with semolina (durum wheat), volcanic water from Mount Vesuvius in Italy and is topped off with a hint of lemon.

Over 100-years-old, Pastificio Setaro is a family business producing artisanal dried pasta that operates in the Naples area of Torre Anunciata. The dough is pushed through bronze machines which give the final pasta a light yellow hue and rough texture that helps the sauce stick to the spaghetti with ease.

The drying process that the Setaro family uses can be an astounding 36 to 120 hours. With volcanic water, semolina and day-long drying methods, the old-fashioned Pasta Setaro spaghetti limone is top-notch.