This Collection of Creative Coasters Has You Sipping in Style

 - Jun 14, 2011
Is your table lacking lustre due to ghastly mug rings? Fret no more, this collection of creative coasters has your coffee table covered.

When it comes to cup coasters, consumers now have more options than ever before. Traditional coasters can add beauty to your brunch table, and humorous ones will have you cracking up at cocktail parties.

This collection explores many clever coasters available; designs include coasters that feature iPod icons or street sign symbols. There are even coasters that resemble sandwich or hamburger ingredients. Need a place to rest your rum? Simply set your tumbler on a tomato slice.
A more serious and innovative coaster available is the date-rape drug detecting coaster. This coaster has the ability to protect, and even save, unsuspecting sippers.

You're guaranteed to guzzle down this collection of creative coasters.