Magdalena Szwajcowska's LAC-ER Sieve is Also a Coaster and Wall Hanging

 - Mar 13, 2011
References: yankodesign
A traditional doily may not appeal to you, but let's face it: the LAC-ER Sieve is something else entirely. Taking the idea of the doily and turning it on its head, this amazing creation is both decorative and multifunctional.

Designed by Magdalena Szwajcowska, the LAC-ER Sieve is not just a lacy-looking sieve; it also can act as a coaster and as a decorative wall hanging. The multipurpose LAC-ER Sieve is just what every home, and specifically kitchen, needs. Its aesthetic from a bygone era adds a touch of nostalgia. See more images of the sieve, coaster and wall hanging in the gallery above.