Rest Your Mug on a Chocolate Square

 - Dec 8, 2007
References: uptoyoutoronto
Deliciously thick squares of chocolate... how could anyone resist these delicious coasters? It's hard to imagine a better place to rest a cup of warm cocoa than on these 12-piece blocks of milk-chocolate. They make a great display for Christmas parties, although your guests are sure to wonder how safe resting a steaming mug of liquid cheer on them could be.

"Chocolate has long been held as a symbol of wealth and luxury," Up To You offers. "Not only does it tempt the palate, but the mere sight of it alone causes certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect your feelings and behaviour by making you happy."

As long as you haven't spiked their hot chocolate with too much rum, they'll figure out that although they look very much like real chocolate, they're just a very realistic mock. A set of four retails for $15.