From Drug-Detecting Coasters to Vinyl Cup Placers

 - Jul 26, 2012
If you identify with neat freaks like Monica from 'Friends,' you know how rewarding mug rugs can be. These coasters will save your precious tabletop from unsightly cup rings and minor spills. After all, it's not about being crazy, it's about being cautious.

Though there are many functional cup placers on the market nowadays to ensure durability through the years, some of the most popular styles bring a bit of aesthetic and fun into consideration. Since we are such a technology-focused generation, signature icons from the digital world have been brought into reality, with coasters decorated like iPhone app icons, social media logos (including Facebook and Twitter,) as well as Google Maps location tags. There are even several DIY versions that speak to the creative class of society.

With something for everyone, the selection of mug rugs is constantly evolving. Take the drug-detecting coaster, for example. Who knows what designers will come up with next?