From to 3-D Paper Graffiti to LAP Photography

 - Nov 6, 2009   Updated: Jun 23 2011
Over the years, we've featured some pretty crazy graffiti from street artists around the worldâ€"yes, Banksy is included here too, but the stuff we're about to show you is way outside of what most people have had the chance to see. This cluster looks at some of the most innovative, crazy graffiti such as moss graffiti, satellite graffiti, animated graffiti, grafficCouture and reverse graffiti that cleans the street.

Implications - Graffiti and street art has made a drastic movement in the way it is perceived by the public. While it was once seen as a form of rebellion, graffiti has made its way into museums, art galleries and even restaurants. This has resulted in an uprising of consumers and artists who are interested in this form of expression.