“Tagged in Motion” by DAIM

 - Jan 28, 2008
References: nextwall
"Tagged in Motion" is a project created by graffiti artist DAIM, that eliminates a graffer canvas of a solid matter and unveils the ability to be able to tag in mid air, creating a virtual world of graffiti visible trough 3D glasses.

The graffiti is captured using three camcorders with motion capturing. They record the graffer position and his exact motions he executes with a virtual spray can. By using the 3D glasses, the graffer can view his art in real time. Using a Bluetooth controller, the artist can pick and choose his colors, brush strokes and textures to enhance his floating 3D graffiti experience.

There have been a lot of innovative advances in graffiti art to expand the artists canvas, take for example L.A.S.E.R. Tag, however "Tagged in Motion" bridges the gap between real and virtual, unveiling an amazing 3D canvas that can be applied virtually anywhere. Next wall calls it "Street are of the next generation."