"Couleur sur l'Objet" Painting Robot

 - Mar 6, 2008
References: yankodesign
Get Banksy one of those! “Couleur sur l'Objet” by Stefan Rechsteiner brings high tech and robotics to street art. "Couleur sur l'Objet” is basically a wall climbing robotic printer, based on the principle of the vortex-robots that are able to climb walls with the help of suction. It features a color application device and a controlling software that allows it to paint pre-defined vectors or pixels on a planes and large walls, bringing a touch of digital to this popular social commentary art. Aside from Graffiti, I think this design can be utilized in marketing and advertising. Simply load the design of the ad and the robot will paint it on the wall.

Watch a raw interview with infamous graffiti artist Banksy: