From Kernel-Covered Cushions to Vampire Corn Mazes

 - Mar 21, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
You'll be hankering for a corn fix when you've finished clicking through these corny innovations. I am already jonesing for my morning corn fix.

Corn is a ridiculously versatile vegetable. It comes in cans, cobs, mazes, popped form, and even fuel. Enjoy these corny innovations with someone you love who also loves corn. Double up on love, one kernel at a time.

Implications - My favorite cornovation has got to be the retro corn dog cooker, which is a deep fryer which features carnival-esque graphics on it. It reminds me of days when I use to go to the local fair with my parents and they'd get me the delicious corn-battered hot dog treat. And for the environmentally sensitive, there's also compostable corn bags, which biodegrade over time.