Biomass Gas

 - Mar 24, 2008   Updated: May 27 2011
References: energy-daily
A company says it will make ethanol for the U.S. at less than a buck a gallon. They will refine what's known as biomass which is available for 65 cents per gallon. The technology uses low energy to make it efficient to produce the biomass which can be used to produce ethanol.

Ethanol currently uses corn and the price is steadily escalating.

Implications - Consumers are looking to purchase products that are more environmentally friendly in an effort to combat the negative effects of the modern lifestyle. Consumers are thrown off of eco-friendly products as they are not necessarily cost-efficient at first (as most of these products boast a long-term savings versus a short-term). Therefore, by offering cheaper, eco-friendly products, companies are more likely to see benefit.