From Cookie-Hiding Mugs to a Brass Knuckle Coffee Cup

 - Jul 25, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
I prefer to ingest my daily caffeine fix in a coffee cup with some oomph. Standard white mugs won't do it for me--unless they have a cutout slot for cookies, like the one to the right, or built-in brass knuckles.

The coffee cups in this cluster range from erasable dishware to ashtray coffee mugs. What's your coffee cup of choice?

Implications - In a world with so many choices it was inevitable that coffee cups would start to get makeovers. The feature mugs have many different purposes other than drinking such as doubling as ashtrays, puzzles and artistic art pieces. Whether you like to use your mugs or just put them on display, this cluster is as enjoyable as a hot cup of joe.