Heat-Dispersing Fins Make a Cup Handle Unnecessary

One of the most satisfying feelings is the warmth from a mug of steaming hot coffee or tea. In fact, I’d say it’s a good part of the pleasure of drinking a hot beverage, especially during the winter. It makes a lot of sense to design a vessel that actually radiates heat without burning its holder. I often thread my fingers under the cup handle in order to get a nice, full grasp.

This bone china mug is the brainchild of Stephen Reed who works from London. The repetitive fins are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. They allow heat to dissipate from the cup so that the warmth can be enjoyed without injuring the hands. The fins remind me not only of industrial radiators, but of seed pods, making it a great design mix.

Reed is a young designer and the same artist who collaborated on an Interactive WORDPLAY seating installation for the Bloomberg offices in London. (See below.) His functional art is, for me, an exceedingly fun application of design.