Thabto MUG

 - Feb 1, 2008
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Not a morning person? Would you rather avoid conversation with anyone while you try to enjoy your coffee? Well it looks like your alone time with just you and your brew is about to become a reality. Thabto's MUG is a coffee mug that doubles as a pair of brass knuckles, except in this case, they are porcelain and attached to the mug. Dishwasher safe and quality assured, the white mug is fashioned with a splash of blood in case Mr. Chatter Box wasn't sure.

I'm sure it will discourage any unwelcome conversation, as well give you that really tough, manly, bad boy-esque presence when you enter a room. Replace the blood with butterflies and voila, you have your ladies mug too.

Here's a shot glass with a similar concept: