From Feminine Fighting Jewelry to Knuckleduster Handbags

 - Jul 22, 2010   Updated: May 30 2011
These fierce brass knuckles are sure to get your blood pumping. From brass knuckle umbrellas to knuckleduster kitchen brushes, these innovations prove that this badass design isn't restricted to men's jewelry.

Femmes will have plenty to fawn over in this department; modern brass knuckles can take the form of crystal-topped rings, architectural landmark jewelry or even finger-worn potted plants.

Implications - No one will want to mess with you if you're seen wearing any of these knuckle-dusting creations. Not all of the brass knuckles are scary though. Some feature little flower pots that grow actual plants! Others were created as cleaning tools to help you out around the house.

Are you tough enough to rock these?