From Carnivorous Concoctions to Alcohol-Infused Air

 - Jul 16, 2009   Updated: Apr 3 2011
Mixed alcoholic drinks may have started at the bar, but they’ve since exploded into a full-blown cocktail culture. From cute cocktail dresses to avant-garde alcohol-infused air, these innovations prove that there’s far more to drinking than just a well-mixed flight of liquor.

Check out these and more innovations in cocktail culture below.

Implications - The return of retro culture caused a simultaneous revival in classic cocktails. Modern mixology evolved as bartenders increasingly tried to modify classic cocktails to please contemporary palates. Under their collective creative direction, signature cocktails such as the Martini and Manhattan gave way to new-age alcoholic concoctions like the Cosmopolitan and mixes made with unusual niche liquor infusions.