From Classy Clown Editorials to Charismatic Clown Campaigns

 - Feb 7, 2013
Although the concept of clown fashion might seem a little obscure, these photography and catwalk features embrace the strange and dress or style each model like a circus dweller. When we're talking clown fashion, it pertains to outlandish colors, elaborate make-up and goofy hats galore.

Clowns are the source of fear for many, yet several designers embrace the concept with open arms. This is likely because of the charismatic, carefree nature that clowns embody with their personality and appearance. However, it's mainly the fault of the horror movie industry for making so many terrified of the loveable fellows; killer clowns, anyone?

If you're a bit squimish when it comes to brightly colored tramps, it might be best to abstain from perusing these clown fashion features. However, I think it might be time to face the fear and give the spreads a gander.