From Miniature Villainous Cakes to Wizardly Sport Cake Pops

 - Jul 19, 2013
These cinematically inspired treats are some fantastic examples of how far some fans are willing to go in order to pay tribute to some of their most beloved films.

While movies often strive towards gaining millions of dollars in their opening weekend at the box office, sometimes it can be that dedicated and diehard fan base that serves to propel a movie into cult classic territory. These cinematically inspired treats are showcasing how some fans are using sweets and sugary delights to pay tribute to their all-time favorite films. From cupcakes shaped like characters from the Star Wars movies to cookies that resemble classic references from the Harry Potter saga, these cinematically inspired treats will certainly have movie fans drooling to have a bite.

Perfect for movie nights or any kind of themed party, these film-inspired confections will definitely satisfy any hardcore cinema fanatic.