- Dec 6, 2011
As a fashion lover, I find it difficult not to love Chloe Sevigny, and this gallery of Chloe Sevigny features will surely turn you into a devoted fan as well.

The American actress, fashion designer and former model is constantly on the best dressed lists season after season, and for someone who always takes fashion risks rather than playing it safe, that is quite an impressive feat.

It's hard to believe that Sevigny is 37 years old, as her youthful take on fashion makes her seem like she's in her early twenties. The Golden Globe-winning actress (who won Best Supporting Actress for her role on HBO's 'Big Love') is also a renowned designer. She is perhaps best known for her collections for Opening Ceremony.

This gallery of Chloe Sevigny features depicts just why the risk-taking fashionista is so well-loved around the world.

From Transgender Photographer Tributes to Androgynous Hipster Wear: