- Mar 13, 2019
There are a number of ways with which brands can capture consumer attention, however, little are as effective as the cheeky commercial.

A three-minute spoof or a hilarious adaptation can make or break the presence of a brand. There are a few great examples in this list that completely knock it out of the park. One such cheeky commercial is actually a parody by James Corden who undoubtedly drew attention to contemporary fashion label Calvin Klein. The brand showcased its lingerie collection in a sultry campaign with Shawn Mendes and Kendall Jenner, while Corden flipped it to reveal the 'behind-the-scenes' of the marketing initiative. IKEA, on the other hand, sparks a laugh with a cheeky commercial spotlighting the Kama Sutra but for bedding design.

If a company is able to put a smile on an individual's face, it definitely anchors itself in the consumer's consciousness.

From Celebrity-Cameo Soda Commercials to Humorous Exclusive Candy Ads: