From Meaningful Mementos to Explosive Suit Accessories

 - Jul 1, 2012
Cause-driven jewelry innovations, to some, might seem like something of an oxymoron. But can fashion and justice co-exist? What are your thoughts?

A few weeks ago, posed the following questions, via its newsletter and LinkedIn group called Social Business Forum: can fashion companies truly be social businesses? Or do they emphasize consumerism, and thus, can't?

This is a discussion that exists in and around social entrepreneurship spaces. Many of the fashion-based social businesses get a rep for being frivolous, just like many design companies in the face of more "hard" business. But it's important that the conversation happens, and that social entrepreneurs and others alike make the decision based on each and every innovation -- and not just "fashion" as a whole. Take a look at these cause-driven jewelry innovations and judge for yourself.