31 Ways For Casual Democrats To Celebrate Obama's Inauguration Day

 - Jan 15, 2009
Casual Democrats: Not those who are casual in their beliefs, but the Democrat who acts like a Democrat.

Sex, Obama chocolate, tee shirts, pleasure toys, making a beat box inauguration video, taking a leak in a George Bush urinal and feeding a Bush Biskit to their pooch are all the things that kind of Democrat gets a kick out of. Some of these Democrats will make it to the historic inauguration of Barack Obama in person. Some will act and look like Republicans as they flit to the inaugural balls in big, black limos with diamonds and multi-thousand dollar gowns. But the vast majority of the Democrats who elected Barry Obama will be at work on Tuesday, perhaps trying to watch a live stream of the event, shedding a tear, then heading to a party afterward. This cluster represents what the casual Democrat might do, say, or wear to celebrate the election and inauguration of President Obama.