From Gleeful It-Girl Photoshoots to Miami Heat Fashion Ads

 - May 31, 2013
The fashion industry can be a tough and gruelling place to work, and while models often come across bland and uninterested in anything but fashion, these Cara Delevingne features showcases how this superstar model continues to maintain her edgy and quirky personality within the fashion business.

While certain runway etiquette may require models to remain emotionless while strutting the catwalk, that mundane appearance often seems to translate into magazine spreads and paparazzi captures. Cara Delevingne however, is one model who isn't afraid to showoff her personality in both fashion spreads and social outlets. Not shy about her passion for food, friendship with celebrities or making often ridiculously hilarious facial expressions, Delevingne is continuing to make waves within the fashion world with her unique and original demeanour.