From Transgender Logo Remixes to Easter Egg Streetwear

 - Jun 29, 2012
In this design-conscious age, you would think the minimalist font of Arial or Century Gothic is king, however as the abundance in calligraphy-centered creations show, people still prefer the exuberant fonts of old.

Calligraphy doesn't have to be found solely within the pages of a story book -- it dons a variety of different products like coffee cups, necklaces and clothing, but it can also be used for art. Calligraphy is often reincarnated into calligraffiti, a phenomenon that is featured on many a mailbox, street cart or building side. Alternatively, calligraphy is also used for modern art in the form of body decoration, coffee drip paintings and for light shows.

The flamboyant bit of typography is much more adventurous compared to other font styles, beckoning more exciting uses for its look.