Hilary Laing Creates Scribbled Apparel That is Both Fun and Formal

Hilary Laing had handwriting on the mind when designing this calligraphy-colored collection.

This line is full of lines! Hilary Laing creates an assortment of garments for both genders, including dresses, scarves, ties and tights. She caters to her customers with unbridled creativity, designing one-of-a-kind wears. All of her garments are covered in a scribble pattern; it looks like someone has taken a bright marker to fabric. These designs are so fun and fresh, and are vaguely reminiscent of 80s vogue.

Current fashion is all about expressing the individuality of the wearer, and Laing's designs accomplish this perfectly. These doodled designs are ideal for daytime strolling or even formal evening functions.

Hilary Laing definitely has an eye for style, and her gorgeous garments are no doubt "write" up the alley of many.