From LEGO Cathedrals to Jenga-Inspired Architecture

 - Mar 1, 2012
These stunning building block habitats dare to push design boundaries. Challenging the structural and aesthetic ideals of classic architecture, these creative concepts are a definite step ahead of the curve.

Inventive and forward-thinking, these awe-inspiring structures dare to get noticed. From LEGO-made churches to stacked block eateries, these memorable buildings prove that minimalist linear structures never go out of style.

Constructed from layered bricks, wood blocks or even plastic LEGO pieces, these dynamically designed structures are both aesthetically intriguing and structurally sound. From amazing abodes and soaring skyscrapers to interior stairwells and room dividers, these innovative designs are future-friendly. Employing mathematical concepts and unconventional materials, these building block habitats are the envy of the big kid in every grown-up's heart.