Orange Architects' 'The Cube' is a One-of-a-Kind Apartment Complex

Move over, Leaning Tower of Pisa -- Orange Architects' 'The Cube' is an architectural wonder and a luxury living space! The Dutch studio built the apartment complex in the eastern district of Beirut, saying of their design, "The form reaches the maximum allowable height to produce flexible floor plans to optimize breath taking views of the city and Mediterranean."

Terrace roof gadens, open-air verandas and a massive children's playground can be found within the many nooks and crannies of the creatively crafted apartments. The all-white interiors are modern chic and reflect a certain kind of young and hip lifestyle.

Implications - With urbanization happening rapidly in both major cities and smaller subsets, luxury condominiums are overtaking skylines as consumers move towards simpler, more low-maintenance lifestyles. With the heavy amounts of competition among these living spaces, those that are architecturally unique and maintain a hip and modern decor will pique the interests of younger, new-money crowds for whom these living spaces are built.