- May 13, 2012
From hazy fashion editorials to surreal conceptual photography, these blurred photoshoots offer a cornucopia of swirling, sweeping eye candy to indulge in.

One of the most compelling aspects of photography is its unparallelled realism. No other medium can achieve the same precision and accuracy when it comes to faithfully rendering an image. This has made photography an invaluable tool across a number of fields. It appends textbooks with relevant pictures, serves as evidence in courtrooms and crystallizes important memories. Still, the medium offers much room for artistic license.

Since its inception, photographic methods have been tinkered with by enthusiasts and professionals alike to produce various effects. The deliberate blurring of images is one such effect. When done well, this sweeping blurred aesthetic can add a whole new depth to subjects.

From Mystical Female Portraits to LSD Vision Photography: