These Janis Avotins Paintings Feature Haunting Imagery

 - Jan 30, 2012
References: ibidprojects & frameweb
These Janis Avotins paintings are artfully eerie with blurred projection images that have a ghost-like quality. The Latvian artist aims to reinterpret history with dynamic imagery that makes a visual impact.

The artist creates his eerie masterpieces from official historical photos found in Soviet archives. He uses the images as a base for his work, putting emphasis on human subjects and eliminating existing backdrops.

Avotins' work is an abstract take on historical Soviet imagery, setting a dark mood with muted greyscale scenes and dissolved subjects. These paintings are mysterious and intriguing, subtly paying homage to the artist's cultural background. From faceless bodies to blurred expressions, this eerie art series features bold and memorable pieces that spark interest and discussion. These Janis Avotins paintings dare to stand out and are a contemporary take on culturally conscious art.