This Nick Knight Digital Series is Hopeful and Nostalgic

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: nickknight & wicked-halo
Nick Knight recently produced a slew of digitally manipulated images that depict elegant women from the past and future. The series focuses on a specific era of the past (the Jazz Age), and a sleek and sharp vision of the future.

Art Deco was burgeoning in the 1920s throughout North America and piquing curiosity in Europe. Art Nouveau had passed its heyday but was still common. The people were just, as if not more conscious of style. Nick Knight has sought to capture this in his series.

The flapper ladies of the Jazz Age had an elegance and flair that inspired countless people after them, including Nick Knight. He takes this inspiration and applies it to the future, creating an aesthetic optimism for the years to come.