Liam Hart Uses Double Exposure Photography to Work with Reality

 - Nov 5, 2011
References: flickr & mymodernmet
Young and talented photographers are continuously finding new ways to reinvent photography, and 18-year-old Liam Hart is certainly contributing to this process. The UK-based artist uses a technique popular in the field called double exposure photography to combine various realities and images into one.

This dream-like effect needs to be done properly, otherwise the juxtaposition of images will result in one blurry photo. By looking at Hart's captures, one can tell that he knows what he's doing, as his work is charged with emotion and beauty. He knows what kind of photographs to combine to create stunning landscapes and various portraits. His use of color and textures shows a fantastic sense of photographic aesthetics.

This series by Liam Hart blends nature with young subjects, creating situations not only pretty to observe, but also interesting to question and reflect upon.