The James Smith & Paul Boche Hunter Magazine Editorial Sees Double

The James Smith & Paul Boche Hunter Magazine editorial features artful photography techniques that make for a visually stunning portrait series. The avant-garde shoot lensed by photographer Stefano Viti features a variety of monochromatic as well as colour-hued photos that showcase techniques such as intentional blurring that causes a double image as well as light modulation with the use of photo filters.

The photographer plays with light and shadows, juxtaposing his images with vibrant and dynamic graphic projections. The shoot's daring wardrobe styled by Riccardo Linarello features a mix of traditional menswear staples with a modern twist. The guys sport tailored silhouettes including suited separates and structured coats paired with crisp white shirts, fitted trousers and lightweight knits. Statement pieces include a perforated leather cape that is voluminous and fashion forward.