Haieko Waechter Captures Uncomplicated Everyday Happenings

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: artisticthings & loudreams
Haieko Waechter sure does have a magical way with his camera. Each of the featured images looks as though it’s part of a story, whether it be the subject in the image that has a story to tell or Haieko Waechter himself has a story behind the pictures.

The colors stand out so much in his work which inflict certain emotions with in the viewers. Sometimes there is sadness but within the sadness there is wonder. The images can make you wonder what the person was doing or what kind of night it was.

Even though the pictures inflict emotions and wonder, they are incredibly simple. It looks as if Haieko Waechter just took out his camera and snapped away. That’s true genius -- when the images look so natural and yet still beautiful.