From Hip Gangsta Shoots to Tough Gangsta Girl Photography

 - Sep 17, 2012
These mob-inspired editorials prove that the excitement of the 20s still lives on vivaciously within the fashion industry. The decade of the 1920s provides plenty of opportunities for creativity because of the stories of lavish living, excessive spending and crime.

Stereotypes of a gangster or mobster are heavily weighed down by the image of the 1920s American gangster dressed in black pin-striped suits and trilby hats, with suspenders and wing-tipped shoes. The style of the American gangster was smooth, clean and important, but tough enough to show that he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty if he needed to. Television, like fashion, thrives on this image of the gangster and the extravagance of the 20s. The series Boardwalk Empire, which is set in the 1920s during the time of prohibition and follows politician/gangster Enoch Thompson around New Jersey, shows off the affluent lifestyle of the main character involved in organized crime and the intriguing, but also dangerous beauty of 1920s street-life.

1920s mob-inspired editorials take the image of the American Gangster and infuse it with modern influence. The gangster becomes an idolized figure, famous and intimidating, reaching back to a decade that was filled with bold and highly influencing fashion.