Collects Sharp and Classy Historical Mugshots

These historical mugshots are a compilation of guilty gangsters from Australia from the time period of 1910 to 1930. The series opens rapid fire on the modern concept of criminal. These corrupted fellas have a seriously sharp style and charming grins, endearing enough to let them in your kitchen.

Through the prohibition era, gangsters could be seen in three piece suits, ties and hats. A criminal was smartly dressed and tough-witted. Regardless of social or financial status, these gangsters took the time to look presentable. These days criminals are seen as sloppy and lazy, completely void of class. Perhaps, rightly so. These mugshots romanticize the idea of criminal activity, as though sepia tones and sartorial structuring excuse illegal action. While glamorizing criminals may not be the best idea, it sure does serve a kick of nostalgia for dapper gentlemen -- convicts or not.