Aerobics First, Improve Your Sex Life Campaign

 - Apr 4, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
It seems sex is the most effective way to persuade guys to join gyms or buy sports equipment.

While the gym ads that Trend Hunter recently featured implied to men that losing weight gets them the girls they want, this Aerobics First running and ski shop ad campaign promises a better time in the sack once they get the girls.

Using sensual blurry shots of a couple making love, the print ads declare that, "Runners find the more they run, the longer they can go. Their partners find the same thing", and that "Your level of aerobic fitness depends on your sex. And vice versa".

"The more aerobic exercise you get, the more aerobic exercise you'll get." And they do not really mean normal aerobics by the second "aerobic exercise", wink wink.

The campaign was created by Trampoline ad agency, Halifax, Canada with creative direction by Brad Dykema.