‘Amelia's World: Animal Affinity' by Robin Schwartz

 - Nov 27, 2008
References: robinschwartz.net & urlesque
Robin Schwartz’s poignant photoseries titled ‘Amelia’s World: Animal Affinity’ depicts her daughter Amelia with various exotic animals. The series is an exploration into the Schwartzes’ fable fantasy world, fueled by their vivid imaginations.

Schwartz explains that her unusual affinity for photographing Amelia’s interactions with animals stems from their shared eccentricity: "Amelia and I play out our eccentricities of worlds where she and animals not only co-exist, but also have relationships. Animals are not props in my photographs and are not ‘photo shopped’ in. Our world is one where the line of who is a person and who is an animal overlaps and is blurred."

The photos within ‘Amelia’s World: Animal Affinity’ are all artfully composed; some of the images could be an illustration from a childhood fable or a quirky photo album selection, while others are far more haunting and ethereal.